A website lesson that uses Harry Potter's shops at Diagon Alley as its theme.

Welcome to the Shops

Upcoming Events

05.02.12 - V.O.V. DAY
Celebrate the end of the Second Wizarding War (or the Victory Over Voldemort) and receive 20-percent off at all participating stores.
08.06.12 - Hogwarts Day
It's time for a new year at Hogwarts so be sure to pick up everything you need - at great sale prices, to start the year off right.

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Shopping at The Alley

One of the shops at Diagon Alley

From a full range of school supplies to owls and other magical creatures and from quality quidditch supplies to the very best in all types of joke gifts, the Shops at Diagon Alley have it all!

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Dining at Diagon

A drink at Diagon Alley

Whether you are enjoying a pint at the Leaky Cauldron or if you are hoping to satisfy a sweet tooth at Sugarplums or Florean Fortescue’s, we have something to fit your appetite.

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